About Truth Pointers

Truth Pointers shares quotes that point to the Truth of who you really are. These pointers have the capacity to open you up to new insights and give real breakthroughs in your journey.

The pointers are written by different people, some known others unknown. Some of the authors or topics will resonate with you and others won't. Stick with the ones that resonate with you now. 

Once you experientially know who you really are, the proces of integration of this understanding begins. This integration never stops, it only deepens in time. It won't change the flow of life with its ups and downs but it will change your attitude to it. In that way you will have a better human experience, for yourself and for the people around you.

Perhaps you have your own pointers. I encourage you to share them so others can benefit from them also.

Feel free to contact me with your suggestions.

With love,